My ticket says 3:15 pm departure. When should I get to the pick-up location?

The bus will drive away at 3:15, so definitely get there before that.  Buses hold 56 passengers, and each passenger needs to get their luggage loaded, get checked-in with a SpartanRide Rep, and get settled into a seat.  Arriving at the stop 15-20 minutes early will keep everything going like clockwork.  We will often have several buses leaving from the same stop at approximately the same time, so you might get put on a different bus than the one you first saw.  Rest assured that if you get there before your ticketed departure time, you will absolutely get on a bus that will take you home. Seats are also unassigned, and you might like to get to the bus early enough to get a seat you really like.

I got to pick-up late and missed my bus! I still want to get home! What can I do?

First, we are sorry you missed your bus. Your seat drove away without you, and that is sad. You won’t get a refund, because we held that seat for you. Good news, though! But often we have other buses leaving later that day or the next, and we are likely not sold out on every seat on every bus. We never ‘oversell’ seats like airlines do. Jump online and buy a ticket for the next available bus. You can still get home! And your return seat, if you already bought one, is still yours to use on Sunday.

Do I need a paper ticket to Ride?

Nope.  An email should arrive soon after you buy your ticket on the website or in person at our office.  The attachment has/is your ticket. You can show us the ticket right on your phone, and we will scan that right at the bus.  Or if it makes you feel better, go ahead and print that emailed ticket, and we’ll scan the paper ticket. But if you forget it on your desk, the digital ticket on your phone is still perfectly fine.  And if worst comes to worst, a SpartanRide Rep can look up your name and check you in, but this takes extra time and you will likely have to wait for the rest of the passengers to be loaded first, taking all the best seats.  Try to have a ticket ready.

Can I use my ticket for any bus?

No.  You bought a seat for a specific departure time, pick-up location, and destination.  There are lots of buses that look alike, but they are going different places. On busy weekends we will likely have a couple buses on the same route, but only the SpartanRide Reps know which are which.  In fact, they know a lot of things!  If you have questions or are confused, talk to one of the Reps at the bus, and they will be able to help you.  Personal relationship advice is not guaranteed and will cost you a nickel.

My plans changed. I want to take the bus at a different time or day. How can I?

If it is more than 48 hours before your ticketed departure time, you can go into your SpartanRide account ‘Refund My Ticket.’  No penalties. Expect to receive your refund within the week for sure.  You can also email us about exchanging the ticket for another day.

Sorry, but we can’t refund tickets if the departure is less than 48 hours out.

Can I give my ticket to someone else to use?

Actually, yes!  You don’t even need to tell anyone from SpartanRide.  Just forward the email (with attachment) to your friend.  The ticket bought a seat, and you can transfer that seat to anyone you wish.  Just make sure that they understand that the ticket is for a specific departure time, pick-up location, and destination.  They better want to go where you were going.

Where do I buy a ticket?

This very website is where you buy tickets!  Go to Schedule or Calendar to find a ticket, and click your way into a seat.  If you want some extra help, you can contact a SpartanRide Rep by filling out a contact sheet, calling the company number, or going to our campus office at 421 E Grand River Ave - East Lansing, MI (Coming August 2018).  It should be pretty easy to find what you need.

I bought a ticket but it never came in my email. What happened?

If the payment went through, you have a ticket.  Let’s find it! First, log in to your account on this site to confirm in ‘My Rides’ what ticket(s) you actually bought.  Next, check your spam folder. If it’s there, move it into your inbox and make us one of your ‘safe senders’ so your email doesn’t drop your ticket into spam.  If you still can’t find your ticket, contact a SpartanRide Rep at, by the company number, or if there is time, visit our campus office at XXX Grand River Ave to get help tracking down your ticket.

My ticket says the bus arrives at my destination at 5:45 pm. How accurate is that?

Arrival times are really good estimates.  Depending upon weather and traffic, the bus might arrive a little later than expected (or sometimes even earlier!).  If a snowstorm hits, it’s pretty obvious to the person picking you up, and they can be ready for a delay. Passengers and those waiting for them are probably feeling pretty grateful and relieved that they didn’t have to drive all the way to MSU and back in that weather or traffic!

Do you ever have to cancel a bus?

Yes, but only for dangerous, inclement weather.  If that happens, we will get you home as soon as the weather clears and it is safe to do so.  Hold tight. We will contact you via text (to the number you provided in your account) ahead of time, during the decision-making process, and as soon as we have firm plans for a new departure time.  We know you want to get going, and we will share information as we have it.

We will never cancel a bus because we have not sold enough tickets for it.  Even if you are the only person on that bus of 56 seats, we will get you to your destination.  So once you have bought a ticket, you know that you have a guaranteed seat for the trip you planned.

How much luggage can I bring?

A bag or two is reasonable, plus a back pack.  We don’t have an official policy on luggage amounts.  Since these are motor coaches and not school buses, there is space below for your overnight bags.  Keeping your laptop and other tech with you in your seat seems like a good plan. SpartanRide is designed for students to come home on weekends, or for guests to come in to MSU for the weekend, so luggage is expected.  But we’re not moving you in or out of your college digs.

I need ADA accommodation. How can you accommodate me?

We need to know when you buy your ticket if you require ADA accommodation so that if you require a wheelchair lift, we make sure to schedule you on the bus that has it.  There is a box to check when you make your SpartanRide account profile that gives us a heads-up so that we can make any reasonable accommodation.  Additionally, our SpartanRide Reps can help with many things right at the bus.

Is there an outlet on the bus I can use to charge my tech? Wifi?

Yes!  These motor coaches have 110V power outlets in every row of seats (clarify...).  Free wifi is available on each bus, but it’s not super-fast, and with a bus full of tech-users, video-streaming is not going to happen.  But go ahead and play those games that are preloaded, or even write a paper on the Ride.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes.  There is one airplane-style bathroom on board. It’s not the most luxurious, but if you absolutely must, it’s there for you.

Can I bring food or drinks on the bus?

Yes, but be reasonable, respectful, and neat.  And no alcohol, smoking, vaping, or other possibly objectionable activities.  Be a good guest. If not, our SpartanRide Reps are fully authorized to kick you and your luggage off at the next exit.  You will then be banned from future trips. So, so sad.

Do I have to be a legal adult to use SpartanRide?

No.  The minimum age to Ride is 13 years.  We understand that siblings come to visit for big games or weekends.  This is an excellent, point-to-point, safe option for parents to comfortably send in siblings.  Our SpartanRide Reps can help them and keep an eye on them.

Is there anything else I should know?

Most problems can be solved.  (Look for a SpartanRide Rep in the company gear for help.)

The Ride is comfortable and pleasant.  (Relax. Look up once in a while.  Enjoy it.)

Good, pro-active people are needed.  (Check out our Employment page if you’d like to work with us.)

Aren’t these applicable to Life in general? Yup. You’re welcome. ????

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